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Saturday, April 2, 2011

" Why Men Treat Good Girls Like Shit "

I decided to write this post based on all the women that wonder why men treat good girls like shit. And I’m going to share with you some of the most common reasons why we men treat good girls like shit at times.

1.    Image –We know that “the good girl” image is just something that we were raised to believe as true, most (if not all) women have other agendas other than “love”. This is especially true in America.

Now I know there is a lot of genuinely good women out there, but the test of a true “player” is to determine if you are in-fact dealing with a genuinely good girl or a women putting up a front  trying to put her best foot forward.

we know that if a women puts too much on “how good she is”  she may just be testing out the dude she is with to see how much of a “simp” he is. This may cause us to treat you like shit because it’s a way of putting pressure on you to show your “true colors”.

The Itch- 

It’s a fact – %99.9 of us men must hit a point where we have “ran through some rats” gone through our “player stage”. And only then will we be faithful to the women we decide to marry or at least be in a serious relationship with.

There are a lot of examples to this speculation,

1. Tiger Woods. Proving that you can have a smoking-hot wife, and still have a wandering eye, Tiger Woods cheated on his beautiful Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren, with many different women.  Claiming to suffer from a sexual addiction, Tiger and Elin stayed together when the scandal became public in an effort to “work things out”.
2. Jesse James.  Jesse James was also caught in a sex scandal himself.  While seemingly happily married to America's sweetheart,  Sandra Bullock, Jesse James was sneaking around with tattooed stripper Michellee McGeee.
3. Hugh Grant. .  While in a relationship with supermodel Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant had a not-so-secret encounter with a prostitute.  His indiscretion was even immortalized by a police mug shot.
4. Charlie Sheen.  Although married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen allegedly cheated on her with his assistant.  Denise Richards claims to have caught the two red handed in a hotel room, but Sheen denies those allegations.
5. Ethan Hawke.  Ethan Hawke not only cheated on his wife, Uma Thurman, with the family nanny, but he then married the woman! The two went on to have a child of their own. 
6.Jude Law.  Back in 2005, Jude Law and Sienna Miller appeared to be a happy couple.  Then, he was caught having an affair with the family nanny.  The celebrity couple broke up but was spotted together here and there 5 years after the fact.  Is it possible that some men can get away with cheating?  It would appear so in this case.
7.Sean Penn.  Sean Penn had a very public affair with actress Natalie Portman, right after he and wife Robin Wright separated.  The relationship was formed so quickly, it left many wondering if it had been going on during the marriage.  Robin Wright and Sean Penn eventually divorced.
8.Jon Gosselin.  Suddenly famous for being the father of eight children, John Gosselin couldn't handle the spotlight.  He allegedly had several affairs while married to Kate Gosselin.  The couple soon broke up, as did their reality television show that made them both overnight stars.
9.Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton is one of the most powerful men that  cheated on their wives.  When he had an affair with intern, Monica Lewkinsky, she became famous!  Now that's impressive.  His wife, Hilary Clinton, not only forgave him for his indiscretion, but the two remain married over ten years later. And then list goes on….

 for one reason or the other “the playa” was still not out of them.  And if a man does not thoroughly get that “itch” out of him this will cause him to treat a good girl he may be dealing with like shit.

Tappin into the freak within -  

Now this is going to be a controversial one-some men may say if you have a good girl then she can’t be a freak because that totally defeats the purpose of her being a good girl, True in most cases however In my opinion you can have a indisputably good girl and get her to tap into her “freak within” if you have enough “mack bones” in your body.

You see a lot of dudes are unable to get a good girl to tap into her “freak within” thus causing them to them like shit ,and at times even cheat on the woman  they are with .Some men just lose their  patience which can  cause them to treat the  women they are with like shit instead of “upgrading” the female they are with to get her to tap into her “freak within”.

Lack of Balls –

Some men plain and simply just lack the balls to tell you that you are a legitimately good girl that one could do with but we are just not ready for a good girl at this time in our life, at the risk of losing you –because we know it’s something that we may need in the near future.

Some men just lack the balls to tell you “You’re great but I just want to do me right now”.” I still want to play the field”

You see men realize that you are an accurately down to earth girl that we would love to be in the near feature but some men just don’t have to the balls to be honest and upfront about the women they deal with.

Thinking Egotistically – 

Honestly some of us men take an affectionate girl for granted at times especially when we know she is all into us. And were not ready for that- at that point in our lives.This same concept applies the other way around,when a guy is "all into a woman" and she is not ready for that at that point in her life,   in reality it's because we know you will be there for us .We usually think “ I got her”  “She will always be there for me  because she loves me “. "This bitch is sprung off me " 

“She is not going anywhere I got her for sure and I can do as I please”.

Some men take advantage of all the affection you may have for us, which causes some men to treat you like shit .  These are just some examples of course there is more. 



Father Pharaoh said...

Wassup, playa. I've been on your site now reading through your posts and you dropping some serious game. I wanna interview you on my site. Hit me up fatherpharaoh@thewomanizergame.com 100

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with you?

MackDamage said...

@Father Pharoah ,

I send you a e-mail and thanks for the daps! Playa!

MackDamage said...


The truth

deeterbug said...

And yet you all wonder why us women have issues.....

Mack said...

Whatup Damage:

Excellent drop playa! Don't let those 'running from the light vampire hoodrats' throw you off your game. Keep dropping that ism.

MackDamage said...

Thanks for the comment MackNificent !!

Anonymous said...

After the 1st few dates women know whether a man is going to treat them like shit or not. They may not be willing to admit it to themselves because they're either infatuated with the man (whether that's based on reality or their illusion of the man) or because they are so desperately lonely that they are willing to take any abuse (sometimes even physical) to have someone in their life. Sometimes women will put up with a man who treats them like crap because others within their circle expect them to have a man in their life. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is most women know shortly after meeting a man whether he is going to be good for them or bad. Unfortunately, too many women have such low self-esteem that they'll be willing to put up with anything just to have a man in their life. That's really, really sad. But what's even sadder, is that there are men out there who will exploit that not caring how much pain they cause. That's just evil.

MackDamage said...


I think a lot of relationships, suffer from someone bringing emotional baggage. In my opinion Females tend to date like “hopscotch” from one relationship to the next, with the need of having “emotional support” that a Man needs to have and accept things for what they are.
Men usually take a break when breaking up to recollect and release any emotional baggage. Of course this is generally speaking.
I met some Women that are stronger! Emotionally than Men

Anonymous said...

This article basically described our disfunctional society and why women are bitter gold diggers with attitudes.imma be biblical about this...black men especially ya are called to be leaders head of house the "it" man because God made Adam first.submission is not just for women it's for men too. Stop running around tryna be a "playa" and learn what real men do. Too many men wanna freakn follow! Swallow ya pride.this is about men I can't speak on women.I know we got issue deep issues.dies that give men the right to take advantage of that?

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed. I hope that one day men of all kinds will learn to love women instead of acting like they would rather just fuck each other and destroy the human race. So your mothers brain consists of regions that include lies, nagging, bullshit etc? Are you really saying that all the women in your life are a fucking joke? Toys for you to play with until you get bored and decide to tie one down with your ignorance and mistreatment for life? Please don't have children.

MackDamage said...

@Annonymous #2

It’s safe to assume you are a Woman or a “Simp”

Why do Women in general just deserve to “be loved” right out the gate? Don’t get that statement twisted, that is NOT to say Women should be disrespected, but Women need to be worthy of being loved.

Women should bring something else to the table other than the played out “sex bargaining chip”.

Realistically and generally speaking there is a lot of Women that don’t love themselves, and carry a lot of emotional baggage. Where a real dude ( A Man of means ) wouldn’t be caught dead dealing with this type of Female.

As far as this question : Are you really saying that all the women in your life are a fucking joke?

And the rest of the comments around that. I am speaking to a “broad” audience which means generally speaking relating to this post. I know there is a lot of good quality genuinely down to earth Women.

But let’s be honest there is an abundance of “Corny Ass Women”.

Spacetraveller said...

Beautiful post...

Hm, difficult pill to swallow, this! Some women can forgive the cheating thing, yes, but others find it unforgivable. For those who find it unforgivable, best avoid the players like the plague. It is easy to know who is a player. The problem is, they are also the irresistible ones. A woman who goes after such a man only to divorce him later 'for his cheating' is being dishonest. The good news is, there are lots of great guys out there who are not players, and even ex-players who are tired of 'playing'. Those are the ones to go for!
Thanks for the insight, Mack!

MackDamage said...


Yes it's safe to say Ladies, listen to spacetraveller, if you get with "tempting player" know that he is NOT just for YOU, or have false expectations "players" are very hard to tame.

The thing is they have charisma up the ying yang!

MackDamage said...


Yes it's safe to say Ladies, listen to spacetraveller, if you get with "tempting player" know that he is NOT just for YOU, or have false expectations "players" are very hard to tame.

The thing is they have charisma up the ying yang!

courtneyr said...

As a women, I choose to stay single until someone with commonsense and intelligence comes along.A man who understands his complete role when it comes to women.I can agree with you that many females play games. NO different than many males. All I can say is, It's time to grow up. No one will live forever. If someone , man or woman is tired of playing games, it will show in their character,what comes out of their mouths, their presentation, what they believe, how they speak to and of the opposite sex.No matter what is going on in society. Their are women and men who have their own minds outside of that, and choose to stay without drama ,until something worthy comes along. To many games being played out here by both parties..Seriously. Sheesh

Lostinthewoods said...

I think he's the only guy who's got the balls to actually tell the ugly truth.
As a genuinely good girl that got treated like sh*t by my last guy (can't even call him my boyfriend...he never did)
I've come to the conclusion that men are simply unable to feel "love". They weren't programmed to.
And this post explain EXACTLY how men truly work/think.
We may not like it (I have to admit I actually hated reading this post...exactly because I KNOW it's true.) but that's the ugly truth.
The only thing us, good girls, can do is adapt.
I honestly don't think I'm capable of treating ANYONE like crap...but sometimes what you CAN do and what you NEED to do are two different things.
That's why starting tomorrow, I'M going to start treating GUYS like sh*t. And you know what? I'm sure they'll stick around this time.

MackDamage said...

I think where a lot of Females fall short is when they “get serious” with a dude going through his “Player Stage” and a lot of the examples above show that clearly a lot of those Men had a young busy life and when they got some Money they wanted to fully get that player out of them.

I think 99.9% of us Men must go through that player stage at one point in our lives I may do a post on this.

Anonymous said...

I think men look at women as a conquest and when they get them they do everything they can to treat them badly. They lie, tell you that they love you, miss you and take you out to expensive dinners, you are the only one for me etc.. just to get you in bed. When I asked why he could not be honest with me to begin with and just tell me that I was not for him, He stated if he was honest he would have never gotten laid. I am a man just wanted to use you for sex. We had planned trips togther (his idea) and then ruined them by cheating on me. Why would you tell people that we were dating and go on trips in a ski club we were both members of if you didn't like me? I felt degraded, disrespected,humilated and this last trip I just wanted to leave. He was so mean and disrespectful to me, I ended up having to get another room at another hotel because he was so verbally abusive and disrespectful, calling other women while he was with me. No one deserves this kind of treatment, I never cheated, disrepected,or lied to him, why do this to me? Why not cancel the trip or move to another trip he didn't have to do this, he could have gotten someone to take his place. I understand that sometimes we are not right for each other but show enough respect for the other person and tell them so they can make other arrangements and maybe remain friends, now he caused this and I won't have anything to do with him or care to ever see him again.His actions were about the lowest thing anyone has ever done to me. I know I am not perfect, but just be honest and show some respect is that too much to ask for? I hope someone does to him what he did to me he certainly deserves it!!

Anonymous said...

them poor girls and all there lies, they want a nice guy with a sence of humor .

all they want is a physically large man who is abusive.

Anonymous said...

Wow...and your way of communicating makes me think your a 13 year old, acne faced, horny, punk ass kid. Thank god there are real men out there. Your dumb.

Anonymous said...

All women are whores and nothing more they play games on mens minds because of their smelly pussy that men need.Just fuck them and enjoy yourself have no feelings for them because they have no feelings for you/

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and have been accused of being a player on several occasions. I never know how to feel about it. I have no intentions of leading them on, I never tell them I love them, I don't bring them around friends or family. How can they call me a player? I'm just waiting for the right one, but they are still all but hurt when I tell them I'm moving on. I don't claim to be a good girl, but I'm not a whore either and I'm no gold digger as I make my own money and pay all my own bills. Why do we have to generalize?

What I found most funny about the article and posts is that most men I have dated usually come with their own "emotional baggage" where some evil woman scarred them for life and they can never love again. My reply is always, "OK". Most women get hurt trying to fix a man they didn't break, let it go and find a man that knows how to fix himself.

I belive it's this outlook as to why men don't stick around, they want that girl to either rescue, or that girl who is going to lick their wounds. I'm neither, I just want a man who wants me, doesn't need me, who wants to live life and have a healthy sexual relationship. Seems that is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Note to all the playas, a real woman won't let you treat her badly, even if she is a "good girl." If you treated someone badly then it was a lost little girl.

And to the post made about some women accept abuse, it's true and sad. But let someone try to hit me, I'll cut a bitch.


Anonymous said...

In other words, I should just remain single the rest of my life, instead of dealing with the bull-shit that is called "male". :-) Easy enough.

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